Sunday, June 17, 2007


remember my newest bff, carina yen? creator of litto for kids? as promised, here is a little virtual tour of her lovely shop, 'sequins' 'sequins' is the place to go in our little beach town to find, super hip, modern furnishings, table top, wallpaper ('twenty2', cole & son are a few lines that they carry) gift items, art and lamps.. it also has the greatest selection of kid related items. this guy just cracks me up. ugly dolls, en masse, greet you as you walk in the door. i love that lamp --moroccan, silvery sophistication. if you can look way in the back , she has that beautiful, black and white, cole & son "woods" wallpaper here's a close up of that very cole & sons wallpaper below is a beautiful and huge painting by, artist carlo marcucci from his 'chemical stilllife' collection. these fun bags, are handmade, unique-great gift for the new big sister. i love the blahblah line. so fun. great colors, sweet little faces all knit with a soft cotton. beautiful , soft hand knit, apalca animals by i golfini della nona ( i choose the hedgehog) i would want one of these sparkly peace baby slings if i were needing to haul around a cherub. isn't this the best? so l.a. she also has a fantastic collection of cards, by companies such as 'old school', 'hello lucky', 'snow & graham' and 'blinth', and a few other wonderful, letterpress lines. sheet sets from boodalee-- digging that, orange, cartoon faux bois pattern. carina has a great eye for 'cool' she also has random japanese items, little funny trinkets that she finds and loves the look of. that's what makes this shop so great, carina's great taste for whimsy and a sophisticated, educated eye for classic modern. if you ever make it our way, do stop by, say hello to carina and enjoy the fabulousness of her shop. oh...and to all of you sf readers, she will be at the, up coming, apple and frank sale-downtown. email me for more info. sequins 912 Manhattan Avenue Suite B Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5539
(310) 798-1788


becky said...

The birch trees near the top are Cole and Sons' "Woods" wallpaper.

I just realized I left off the "beach" part of you name in my blog (hatch)- I'll fix it as soon as I get home tomorrow (I have forgotten how to get into my own blog remotely :)).


beachbungalow8 said...

thank you becky! it was the painting that i forgot to ask carina about. but i had to add it because it's so amazing.

style court said...

Wow, thanks for the full tour! Looks wonderful. Love the name.

Jodie said...

I received a Litto Manhattan Crib from Sequins as a gift. The package was missing the crib rails. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to have someone (anyone) help me to obtain the crib rails. My multiple calls and emails have been completely ignored! This is a VERY expensive crib and I have gotten ZERO help from Carina and Kevin (the owners). I cannot even use the crib! I am in the process of filing a lawsuit.. I don't know what else to do! Please think twice when considering buying anything from Sequins.

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