Tuesday, June 19, 2007

shiny happy petrol

Driving in beverly hills the other day I noticed the new-ish eco-friendly gas station that British oil giant, BP built. hard to miss. it's big and shiny. not unlike a lot of things in L.A. it's just so perfect. it sits in all of it's shiny 'green' glory on a corner of mass consumerism. where once before there sat a thrifty gas station, now sits the model attempt at educating consumers about being green in their everyday living. television screens sit upon each tank, showing videos to educate the public on environmental issues. but my favorite part of this is the way they hired their employees. they posted this on craig's list:

"The mission - to impact our customers' experience both on and off the site! We are recruiting smart, ethical, conscientious team members to educate consumers about taking small steps in the right direction to help reduce their impact on the environment."

so your end product are these hip, l.a. people, who would otherwise be knocking on doors for greenpeace or schlepping 'vintage' tees at urban-in between their go-sees. on any given night they have d.j.s spinning tunes, projected images flickering above--basically a rave going on. at the gas station. so great. so L.A. It's a novel concept and I believe a noble one, however they're still selling planet-warming fossil fuels. just in a greener way. here are the specs:

"The rooftop holds 90 solar panels and a collection system that gathers rainfall to irrigate drought-tolerant plants nearby. The underside is outfitted with low-energy lighting. Cars will roll across concrete mixed with bits of recycled glass" as copy and pasted from an L.A. times article.

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