Monday, June 25, 2007

you can make it with lights (smarty pants DIY)

check this one out, LED lights for your fridge. you can arrange them in any way you'd like. sort of a light bright for your refrigerator. great for a party when all of the guests end up in your kitchen. is a great website for diy-ers. not do-it-yourselfers of the mary englebreit ilk----that is, diy-ers who have a triple major in physics, math and computer engineering (with a double handspring round-off) from MIT . that's you right? here's one of the comments on the site: "You may try a 3.6VAC supply instead. Since the LEDs are 3.5V (and 2.4V), the only difference a 3.6V power supply makes is having to connect it closer to the LED grid... or add copper tape leading up to the grid (on top of or instead of the painted traces)." my eyes just did little spins and glazed over. anyway. it sure looks cool. i think i'll just stick with making knock off john derien plates.


girl meets glamour said...

Ha Ha, love great post and cute find!

Becki said...

"with a double handspring round-off".... love it!

style court said...

kids would love these :)

beachbungalow8 said...

kids would love these, and i left out the best part, to make this little science fair project, it will run you about $600.00.

this site is funny. funny to me because it is SO over my head.

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