Friday, July 6, 2007

alt anthro

each morning, i'm so happy to hang my jewelery on my coral hooks from anthropologie. they make such a great place to showcase and store the pieces i use the most. and every day, i love to grab on to the little, anthropologie, door handle- like a little barrette for my front door. anthropologie has so many great little things that don't break the bank, and can be used in alternative ways. just one more reason to roll around in the love of anthropologie.


style court said...

I agree! And the way you've used your coral hooks makes me think so much of Carolina Irving.

casapinka said...

Soooo hard not to be an addict, isn't it?w

beachbungalow8 said...

cannot NOT be an addict. said...

I love the coral hooks for your jewellery!!!!

LauraB said...

Oh so cute! Awhile ago I had a post about fun ways to showcase jewelry and was thinking those coral hooks would be perfect for necklaces. I'm so happy to see it "live".

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