Thursday, July 12, 2007

artichokes & co.

today i stumbled upon a wonderful shop in santa monica called artichokes & co .initially, it was the name that pulled me in. (i've always loved artichokes) i thought it was some kind of a garden shop, and i was just planning to do a sloooowwwwed down pace as i walked by, checking out the wares in the window. but one glance and i was drawn in. a beautifully art directed shop filled with every imaginable gift item -foods, pretty candies, yummy scents for the home and body, all kinds of ingenious containers for planting or display, lots and lots of top of the line home products, a kids department that's to die for. it's really sort of like a miniature ABC home. there are also, gorgeous flowers available...... artichokes & co has been a premier crated-gift business for over 10 years. -think those baskets with the giant bow and cellophane---but......... not. those would be the poor relation to these. creatively packaged in a beautiful hand made wooden container, filled with the kinds of thing you dream of receiving. you can shop here on 4th street in santa monica-or check their website out.


robyn said...

Very cool store, great pics.

katiedid said...

What a wonderful store! Inside and out.

cranny said...

what a great store! I just "requested a catalogue" to be sent to Canada!

Anonymous said...

I actually received something from Artichokes & Co.... An amazing box filled with the most beautiful roses I had seen surrounded by a cozy robe and scented candle. It was by far cool.

beachbungalow8 said...

wow, anon. you scored!the store is super beautiful. and i get such a good vibe when i'm in there from the people who work there.

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