Tuesday, July 3, 2007

blogging friends

i'm sure i've mentioned this before but, my friends are seriously, some of the the funniest, most clever, creative group i know. and what i love about each of them, is their individuality. 2 of my close friends have started their own blogs recently (as in last week) and i'm telling you, these girls are blogging up a storm. they're good too. so new peeps, let me introduce you to my old peeps: san francisco blogger, robyn pope of gardenrooms "rob" and i met, 8 years ago, in the pediatrician's office with two runny nosed kids. we've been great friends since. this is a gorgeous garden-centric blog. more like, outdoor living than latin terms and dirt. robyn has a very beautiful and gentle aesthetic. she's also incredibly innovative in her thinking. so you get fun ideas while you're viewing her lovely photos and write-ups. she really is an exterior designer. great, great style- this woman. a bit old school european and always hip and fresh. she posts daily. Brussels by way of boston blogger, karen sutton of bounjourbruxelles karen is a way-back friend. we knew each other 'back in the day" as, um, sorority sisters, 'sisters in the bond'-we lived in the same house (whatever!) anyway. she's one of the funniest, intellectually, hip people i know. this blog is about her family's life in Brussels this summer. before you get turned off. this is NOT a mommy blog. this is not someone droning, all 'precious moments', about the cute-ness of their children (we all 'got' that kids are cute) this is karen's funny, realistic, point of view of the whole thing-embarrassing children, lovely sites the works. you don't have to be a plant enthusiast nor a mommy to appreciate either of these gals' blogs. both are written with such skill that they're just a good read and a great blog to add to your daily 'dose'. oh. and i have other creative friends up my sleeve for future postings. i'm just waiting for them to send me jpgs of their work (ally). just you wait. you'll see. you'll want to be bffs too. they're incredible.


robyn said...

You're the most amazing friend and mentor, thank you for your generous words, and creative inspiration.

Karen said...

Right back atcha, Megan. I so value our friendship and your honesty and your insight. You are truly impressive and amazing.

Heather said...

Those blogs are great! Thank you for sharing. I will be reading them regularly. Have a good holiday.

Karen said...

Ah Megan, right back atcha. Thanks for the plug and love the peeps shot. Have a happy, restful fourth with your local peeps. and know that you've got a huge fan and friend in Brussels.

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