Wednesday, July 11, 2007

cavallini calendars

i knew a guy who framed album covers for wall art in his sf bach pad. in fact, i think restoration and urban (thanks coco+kelly!) will sell you the frame to do this. another friend, framed dr. suess books in a row as art for her little boy's room. cute ideas all around and makes you realize that just about anything can be framed and made into art. san francisco based, cavallini & co. makers of the beautiful gift and stationary line have a wonderful signature line of calendars. and they're absolutely perfect for this D.I.Y project. beautiful, antique reproductions of floribunda, maps, travel posters, birds and more. (my partner and i use these all the time for staging homes. in a group, they nicely fill in a large, empty space) they're an easy way to make insta-art for your walls. i like to resize them on the color copier just to mix-it up a bit. the best time to pick one of these up is in the spring, when they go on sale. the line can be found at papyrus and flax. i'm sure you could drum something up on ebay as well.


coco+kelley said...

both urban outfitters and restoration hardware sell the frames that are made to fit album covers - they make some really cool art! :)

style court said...

Great idea Megan!

Anonymous said...

oh, i have the birds and nests 2007 that i'm planning on framing!

Mom Kristi said...

Aaack! I'm kicking myself now. I found an older calendar like this at a yard sale for 50 cents. I was thinking of framing the beautiful pictures and then put it back. Kick kick kick!!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh i bet it was beautiful! ebay, ebay

robyn said...

This is great idea, I'm helping Jon style his office, I'll have to find a cool calendar.

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