Friday, July 6, 2007

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i'm writing this, sitting on a rock. a rock. kid you not. i can't get reception inside the house in which we are staying. so i'm, outside, in the woods, piggy backing on somebody named 'cagey's wireless (thanks cagey). visual: slapping arms -aggressive mosquitos-swatting the air, itching, scratching, welt covered legs, sweating. pretty-pretty-princess stuff. but ahhh the view. the eastern sierras surrounding me. the quiet air the wind whispering through the trees. beautiful. ok, i can't deal with the bugs. an ant the size of a volvo just walked across the keyboard. beejeesus!....... i'm out of here for today!

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Karen said...

You know, there's this shop in Amsterdam-I just walked past it-and all they sell is mosquito nets. Just nets. That block mosquitoes. Because I didn't see any bugs, of any kind, in Amsterdam. Where I was. But they sell nets in case there's a huge influx of mosquitos.

So, I guess I'm just sayin', the next time I go to Amsterdam I'll get a net for you, for your wilderness, buggy blogging.

Because that's what friends do.

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