Monday, July 9, 2007

don't just sit there do something!

consume, consume, consume. i'm as guilty of this as much (if not more) than the next guy (and the last). and there's nothing wrong with it as long as you can balance it all with a little 'give, give, give'. but, sometimes, it's hard to know where, when and how to contribute to the world. and before you know it, you've become just another taker-upper of space........i'm about to make it SO easy and FUN! 'walk with sally' (a mentoring program for children whose parents are dealing with cancer) will be holding a fund raiser/cocktail party event this friday night in culver city. the event, "paint the future", will be held at the daniel maltzman gallery. (here is a shot of maltzman's work from interior design magazine) maltzman, the highly acclaimed and publicized artist, will be on hand painting as, sort of, performance art. additionally, there will be masseuses, live body painting, a d.j., valet parking (for those d.d.s in the group), an open bar and food catered by 'wilsons'. there will also be a wonderful silent auction (at which you can bid on my design services--- for a good cause!) this is a great way to be philanthropic, meet some really cool, hip, socially conscience, down to earth people and give, give, give to a fantastic program benefiting some very strong little kids. tickets ($50 per)can be purchased on-line at or by phone: 310-784-7755 the skinny: friday, july 13th 7:30-12:00 3617 hayden culver city, ca 310-558-1872 hope to see you there! please come say hello and let me know who you are.


robyn said...

This is so cool, nice of your to post this too.
Wish I lived closer... I'd go.


This event sounds lovely. Each little thing we each do makes such a big difference!

BonjourBruxelles said...

Wish I could join the fun. This event sounds as though it will be hugely successful.

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