Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i got your back

sitting on the beach, watching the waves roll in, in theory is so great. but slowly, your tired old back, starts to ache. at first you throw your hands behind you trying to kick-stand yourself up, then your wrists get tired. then you lie on your stomach and your neck starts hurting then it's up to sitting position and your spine gives in, your repose begins resembling a 'Q'. the beach is wonderful, but really you need back support --designer larry laske has designed this functional and beautiful beach chair that provides the perfect perch for your tired old spine. the chair comes in a great selection of colors and i love how easy it is to transport and how cool it looks. now you can sit on the beach, watching the waves roll in resembling an 'L' the beach chair can be found and dwr for $50.00


Anna said...

What a fantastic idea!

michelle said...

brilliant,I always look like an idiot digging out a "bum spot" for me so that I can sink in the sand a little and rest my back on the pile of sand I dig out, this way is cooler.

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