Monday, July 16, 2007

johnson hartig, you're so totally rad

but you already knew that didn't you. i mean, you're clever, you have great taste, you're cute, you have a wonderful clothing line, 'libertine' (that debuts at target this week) and you also have an incredibly cool pad. god was kind and generous with you. i'm not sure if i should have a crush on you or your home. but since i choose good design over just about anything....i think it's safe to say that i heart your home. but maybe we could hang out?


katiedid said...

Yay! Tarjay here I come.

girl meets glamour said...

A great home to have a crush on! Gonna have to check out target, as if I need an excuse :)


coco+kelley said...

i totally saw this in the LA times and DIED for his home! plus, he seems pretty cool himself too...

Jordan Cappella said...

RAD home.......LOVE!

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