Wednesday, July 18, 2007

jordan carlyle-- photographer & interior designer

award winning and much lauded, los angeles photographer and interior designer; jordan carlyle. creates.......hold on..... quit looking at his picture. yes he's amazing to look at but this man has serious talent--------please read on: incredible, digitally enhanced photography of everyday things found in nature, turning them into beautiful, acid-trip-like, art. the pieces are quite large making the experience that much more of a blissful trip. this one is what caught my eye. i spyed it at woodson and rummerfield. jordan found his calling when given a camera at the age of 10 (giving proof that encouraging children to express themselves through art is nothing but a good thing) some of these city scapes have a very studio 54 retro feel to them. retro and glamorous. "Jordan 's bold and expansive imagination which he puts forth into each piece is inspired by his profound love for nature and architecture" and other's like this one are urban, graphic and architectual at once. jordan an interior designer as well -creates beautiful architectual photographs of the homes which he designs--- all can be seen at his website. and if being beautiful and talented weren't enough. from everything i've read on jordan, he is a kind, humble man who is completely unaffected by L.A. and all that comes with it. a rare breed around here, indeed. ok, so now you can go back and stare.

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