Tuesday, July 10, 2007

let's go dutch

my friend karen of the blog: bonjourbruxelles is great at turning me on to new sites. thankfully, her summer abroad isn't stopping her from keeping me in the loop. on her many wanderings through amsterdam, she's been 'eye spying' products by 'cabanaz'. i can't find a darn thing out about this line. everything on google comes up in german or dutch (or something other than english) 'what time is it?' .....'orange ya glad i asked?" karen and i both love this clock. it would be so super swell against the 'taper green' of my kitchen walls. and then if i wanted to get really matchy match...a toaster in about that very shade. in the end, we both felt that this might be the best choice of all. (hip flasks are all the rage at the tot-lot these days)


BonjourBruxelles said...

-here's what I found....dutch design group, Capventure. And not a one US online store. Here's their main gig:


(can't paste the link for some reason)

I think I know what I'm bringing back with me...let me know if you or anyone else would like something.

katiedid said...

This is very cool stuff! That flask might come in handy...

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