Sunday, July 1, 2007

my first time

this is sort of funny, (can't. get. this. out. of caps mode.)i was just informed (by a boston reader) that bb8 is mentioned in a craig's list ad selling a docksta table. some bloggers get 'ink' i get craig's list. rock-on (pinky and thumb waggle)

thanks dan!

IKEA Docksta tulip table - perfect condition- plus 4 chairs - $150

Reply to: Date: 2007-06-30, 9:16PM EDT We are selling a perfect condition Ikea Docksta tables. This table has been lauded by the design community as a great way to get an affordable version of the $1500 Saarinen tulip table at an affordable price. We leave for Israel on Monday so need to unload this ASAP! It also includes four sturdy functional black chairs, shown in the pictures below. Call us at 617-335-2380 for a time to check it out. Thanks, Dan P.S. Here's one blog post that talks about this table:

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