Tuesday, July 10, 2007

new at urban

walking up to that shattered window always makes my heart flutter a bit. whether i'm in chicago, san francisco or santa monica, i love its little 'indie-wanna-be' vibe (like, me, in my 20s). i always know...that i'm going to find some great little gem with a reasonable price tag. check out what's new at urban outfitters: what a great mxm inspired chair. love that fabric. $380.00 i had no idea that hammerpress was doing prints for them. cheep, cheep at $40.00 great linen pillow, $26.00 and more cute bird art, Chick In Boots Art by E. Grosch $12.00. wow. thanks to flickr member cprior23 for unwittingly, donating the 'cracked window' photo.

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