Sunday, July 8, 2007

not so scrappy

i find, dutch furniture artist, piet hein-eek (how's that for a throat catching name) work so cool. each piece is made from reclaimed scrap wood and are made in short series in his small factory in the Netherlands. The furniture has a beautiful worn in aesthetic, like driftwood found on the beach, but this is matched with excellent craftsmanship so that the carpentry lifts the quality up several notches. i'd love to see something like this juxtaposed to a very 'finished' piece or in a room with consistent clean lines and everything in it's place. this sort of unpredictable element really rocks a room into something special. "Everyone is trying to make perfect furniture so I did the opposite, I made furniture that is imperfect. I like using materials that are worthless and acting as though they are precious." he said with his strong dutch accent. I should add, that mr. hein-eek's work does not come cheaply. but he does have a few smaller pieces like mirrors and such that are a little easier on the pocket......but you know, it's about the art.


Lyn Spataro said...

I fell in love with this! Such a great piece. It reminds me of the recycled patchwork frames you usually spot at fun beachside boutiques. Like this one - Thanks for sharing this post!

Jenna said...

soooo gorgeous

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