Tuesday, July 17, 2007

reader rock-star of the month, jordan cappella

there's nothing better than when talent falls into your lap. and today that happened. one of my readers, jordan cappella--not him on the left, btw, an aussie with incredible furniture design talent, commented on a posting, which led to me checking out his blog. what i found was that he designs and creates beautiful lucite pieces: and restores old finds. i had seen these at turquoise last week and fell in love with them. jordan, you rock. check out jordan's blog too jordancappella.blogspot.com or you can email him for more info JORDAN@JORDANCAPPELLA.COM


1916home.net said...

Wow, who would have ever thought those old chairs would look so nice again? I'll have to rethink the junk people try give to us!

Anonymous said...

The change in the chairs is amazing, and the acrylic furniture is great.


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