Monday, July 16, 2007

road-ie love

this weekend i went to the 'felt club' show (more on this later) and the lovely michele caplan (i scored a piece! more on that later too) introduced me to paula smail of 'henry road'. paula is a textile designer who creates really cool, retro-global inspired fabrics and applies them to paper goods and home fashions-including furniture, dish towels and pillows. here are some of the furniture she has available using her prints: isn't that chair hot? the cotton prints are so happy and full of life. beautiful colors.

"As a child growing up on Henry Road in South Africa, Paula remembers sitting in the apricot tree eating unripe fruit and sleeping in a red room. Since then she has lived in Paris, London and New York, and traveled extensively. The Henry Road line reflects her travels, her love of color, and the inspiration she finds in the sunshine and flora of Los Angeles, the city she now calls home".

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Jordan Cappella said...

I love Paula's patterns she is another huge talent.

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