Monday, July 16, 2007

rockin' the felt club

i went to the "felt club" show this weekend in los feliz. god. it was SO hot. i mean this figuratively and literally. the felt club is like 'ready made' live. it's a group of 70+ vendors with the latest and greatest D.I.Y. wares for your handmade-shopping pleasure! there was so much cool stuff to check out it was hard to know which way to turn next. it seriously was like climbing into my computer and being at etsy. and etsy was even there (they might have sponsored actually) except, did you know that etsy is about 500 degrees? ya, it's hot, steamy and stuffy. that, and a dj spins pounding music that competes with the noise of the crowd. making it very hard to concentrate on a lot of 'ugly doll' type felt creations and fabulous letterpress stationers. i for one, swung by the beautiful and demure, miss michelle caplan's booth. and scored a fabulous, beach themed piece called 'beach sisters'. she hid when i tried to take a picture of her with her booth (i think it had something to do with the fact that we were all sweating like pigs with bright red faces) but honestly, she had more of a glow. pretty girl, that one.. (she's ducking behind that display of jewelery) i also saw a tee-shirt line that i loved--- tomat. 'soooo L.A.' these shirts read. LOVE IT! for kids only so far--they don't make my size...yet. i'm planning on stalking them until they do. you can see for yourself at their website: tomat after an hour, of major stimulus and incredible heat, i felt more like i had been clubbed. however, not only did we all lose 20 pounds of water weight in one hour, but we were introduced to so many really creative and talented indie artists. it was all very inspiring and perspiring.

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