Monday, July 9, 2007

steven scarloff, you light up my life

remember the movie, 'raiders of the lost ark'? (the one before harrison ford went and got his very old ear lobe pierced) remember in the first scene, the student closing her, love sick, eyes to reveal the words 'i. love. you' written on her eye lids? well this is how i feel about these lamps. i have very little else to say about them. they're lovely. (i'm thinking there's a better shade choice out there for these gals) a detail shot, to really drink in the glory of the palm springs-ness of this.... lavender glaze....nice shade choice by steven oh... now see, this is what got me going- "i love you" --little parrott lamp so wonderful (with a creepy eye) to these i close my eyes and sigh. see more great stuff that steven scarloff carries in his eponymous, nyc shop check here:

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