Wednesday, July 11, 2007

toe wheeler

if your closet floor resembles mine, it's definitely time to find a better way of doing things. you may have the best collection of kicks this side of kansas city, but if you can't find the mate to that favorite stiletto choo....what good are they doing you? roll out the shoe wheel, by rakku it's sure to revolutionize your shoe storage system. the shoe wheel is an ingeniously designed, mobile, shoe storage system that stores up to 30 pairs of shoes (which, when i do the math, means i need around 5 of these). and it's super easy to use. shoes are inserted into the pockets through elastic bands which hold them in place. the pockets adjust to a variety of different shoe types-heels, flats, running shoes....the gamut. you gotta love a great design, that's functional and good looking all at once. thanks to mizelle biscotte at flickr-for the "lonely shoe" photo


katiedid said...

Ha! This is crazy clever! :D

girl meets glamour said...

Wah? I think that is just too organized for me :O But, very cool!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh i know. pulleeeze. this would never work for me. i like the pile system.

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