alli gerrish-mixed media artist

remember my old friend alli ? the one with the kick ass lake house? (that's us-in the mid 90s - nice coat.) she also is an exquisite artist. and who knew. i mean she was just another ad producer, running around san francisco in doc martens.....and then decided to start painting.
and boy can this girl paint:
really, beautiful mixed media paintings.
this is such a good lesson for all of us, try something new everyday. you may just be the best painter, violinist, samba dancer, juggler, baton twirler, worm farmer, stripper (wanted to see if you were still reading) surfer, writer out there. you'll never know until you try!
alli's work is shown frequently in and around the denver area. or you can see her website to purchase your very own.
" I am interested in one life touched at a time. Art can be a great teacher for daily life and can connect people in a way that technology cannot. We all dream in color. We just need to remember to take the time to see…”


Mrs. Blandings said…
Her pieces are really great - thanks for the referral - love to check her web site.
LL said…
I like the one with the mustard color circles. Nice coat by the way.
beachbungalow8 said…
ya me too. my fave is the yellow one. i actually love that coat. i still have it. i think i found it at a thrift store in kansas city. it matches my hair. exactly.
marthalena said…
the coat's fab. it's totally 'glamour puss' and therefore totally 'you' (even though I only know you through lurking here).
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks martha! i'm glad you lurk and leave your 2 cents!

i love my old coat. it's a total 'wow' piece!
cotedetexas said…
Just beautiful, unreal she didn't paint before.

Love the coat too, you are too too cute for words, meg.


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