childrens' books by lennart hellsing

books by lennart hellsing, originally uploaded by bungalow8.

i came across these books in my meanderings through cyber space. i don't know much about the author except that he's swedish. well that and his book covers are seriously working the vintage art inspiration boards. what's with the swedes? an innate beautiful aesthetic i tell you. if someone knows more about lennart hellsing and the art on these covers, would you mind filling me in? my friend anne the librarian (one of the new breed of hip librarians), always knows this kind of stuff. anne? are you out there?


Anonymous said…
Ooooo, that Scandi asthete in full tilt.....
With Hellsing, don'cha think Astrid Lindgren (Pippy fame) is another of those O-So clever Scandie authors?
Absolutely, one of Hellsing's trademarks is unfailingly using the keenest of illustrations. In your foraging have you discovered "Trollringen"? Savor, weep and drool at the swish illustrations.
You have probably seen this site in all its Scandinavian loveliness (and then some...)
Cheers, Alison
beachbungalow8 said…
i grew up a big pippy fan. i think i was pippy for halloween actually. my kids watch the creepy euro videos with voice overs now.

i will check trollringen and the blog you mentioned. also, the artist carl larssen has always been one of my faves.

maybe i should do an entire posting on the scandis! i'd definitely have some studying to do. this is one gene pool that i am not at all related to.
Anonymous said…
Lovely illustrations! Allthough the author is Lennart Hellsing is a wonderfull writer, he is not the man behind the illustrations. Stig Lindberg is: He is an extremely talanted creator of patterns. Check out his achievements here:
Verrito said…
yes! all that books was illustrated for Stig Lindberg, one of the most famous disigner from Sweden. He is the best! poslin, fabrics, plastic, books... etc
beachbungalow8 said…
ah i'm so happy to have people who know. i do see stig lindberg's name on those.

i'm thinking i need to re-write this posting!

thanks for all of the great info. now off to the google desk to find out more.

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