gadget girl

my little digi cam is on the fritz. seems that when i last took it to the beach, i got sand in the whatever. so bummed. BUT i do have an iphone. my S.O. gave it to me (...amazing man that he is) so i just did a few trial shots with it:
not bad. sort of dreamy and ethereal.


Style Court said…
Megan! Love those pillows on your sofa! How did I miss these on flickr?
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks! a mix of west elm (rafia one sort of in the back there) target, and then anthro (the big one in the fore front) i didn't think to post it. i was trying out my iphone as a camera since i'm without right now.
just out of curiousity, do you love your i phone? I am debating...
Yummy the fresh orange flowers in the metal vase:-)
beachbungalow8 said…
i love the iphone but AT&T sucks. there. i said it. it doesn't work by the beach one iota. i drop calls all day. no beuno when you work out of your house.

i also don't know if it's so good that i can check emails while i'm in traffic on the 405. i'm thinking that my wee obsession with emails might be enabled by this little gadget.
cotedetexas said…
I want one so bad. The other night, teenage daughter called her dad at work and said she would do all her summer homework (school starts Wed and still, not done) if she could just get an i phone. He picked her up an hour later and she came home with one. I wish I had a daddy like him. He's so sweet. Oh, but last night I came home to a gorgeous green calchedony ring with diamonds all around, David Yurman! Lovely, so beautiful, so unexpected. Except, I had the same ring, without the diamonds, that I bought myself last year and he didn't even know???! Too funny!


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