get hitched Whiskey Tango style

logoi'm all over trailer park chic. especially when it comes in the form of a sparkly vintage air stream. what's not to adore.
hitchcouture, a traveling boutique that will actually come to your home for a private party, is one of the new breed of traveling "boutiques", bringing indie labels to L.A.s finest flea markets and private homes. (sort of like if opal gardner had good taste and was a personal shopper with a cool trailer) what i love most is the idea. think of the possibilities. i'm picturing a shop like this filled with the best etsy finds. rockin' jewelery, beautiful paper goods, gorgeous art.
bottom line, there's a little W.T. in all of us.


Michelle said…
Wow, what a brilliant idea! I love it so much, we used to go camping in a camper like that when I was a kid, I wish I would have known then how cool it was, instead of complaining that I had to sleep in the same bed as my sister AND brother AND mother...
Hello! Just saw your post on Curious Sofa and thought I'd visit! Great Blog - I especially LOVE this father repairs, polishes and sells these Airstream beauties. I will be sure to let hime know that I REALLY need the neat-o vintage one he just got in, so that I can travel around and sell things out of it - very cool, and thanks - I'll be back!

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