gimme shelter

i bought my first surf board today.

it's really pretty. really.
and so, i thought i'd share with you the trailer from jack johnson's surf movie, "shelter"
look for singer ben harper's cameo. oh and i love the crusty old surfer-advice on life.


cotedetexas said…
M: check out La Vie clair's magazine from August - there's a long article about women surfers. Apparently, there's some surfer company for women only that gives week long lessons in Mexico on the Pacific coast. Unless, of course, you already know how to surf.

Oh how fun, your first surf board! That means you're committed...hope to see you post pic of your surfin skills!

beachbungalow8 said…
there are some really fun, all women surf camps, 'surf divas' in la jolla is one. there are, also, all kinds of people here offering private lessons.

when i was in the D.R. we surfed and it was super fun and easy. warm water, slow waves. 'learner waves'we call them.

the water here, or the waves are tough. they're fast, and break quickly. so it's hard to get up if you're not a little surf rat.

my friends and i just go out, have fun, float, paddle and try to get up. it's about being one with the water (how very zen of me)
Unknown said…
You go girl...what fun. And I love the surfer advice on the You Tube...nothing fancy...just good and solid.

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