the gucci ballet, ankle strap

this makes me excited about fall....
so is it really back to the opaque tights? hmm. ok, i'd be game if i lived in a cold climate. what's old is new again.
i love this shoe but i may want it peeking from a pair of trouser cut jeans, when i cross my leg.


freefalling said…
Ankle straps are great if you have long lovely legs. On anything else it just makes your legs look like little fat sausages!

Do you reckon you could hack those straps off? Is it even legal to "hack" gucci shoes?
Anonymous said…
Those are to die for...

THIS is why I love Gucci!
beachbungalow8 said…
i know it kerith. they're f***ing hot.
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i'm with you on that. i, of short legs.

notice how i wouldn't be caught dead in these in a skirt? no. nevah.

i'm too short and i have fear of looking cankle-y.

but i love the flirty feel of it. therefore, i would wear a loose pant that would allow them to peek.

also i'm thinking i'd do the red patent.
Lovin' it! Sexy ballet shoes for a sexy night out with cupcakes and coffee... We're feeling' it. Thanks for the inspiraton, we heart you.

*Fran and Jude
Oh, these are just fab! And with tights even better :)

Anonymous said…
I just bought a pair of gucci ballet flats. they should be arriving any minute...they are helping me mentally prepare for Fall. ;)
beachbungalow8 said…
oh i have those gucci ballet flats (the ones with the bamboo and the gucci logo?) i wear them so much. well worth the cash. so cute with a tight, straight legged jean.

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