hermes. the 'do' rag

the hermes scarf, such a classic indulgence. i've been collecting these swathes of silk for years and always have room for more. In the 1930’s, the company first launched the line of women’s silk scarves. Approximately twice yearly, since that time, the Hermes line offers twelve new designs. i guess if you're a total freak about them, you collect certain patterns. i tend to choose by color first.
(my little collection)
there are so many ways to use and wear these lovelies (grace kelly once used one as an arm sling) i know they're spenny, but i swear, they're worth every last penny.
here's a little primer on the art of the hermes rag:
the do rag--this is how i wear mine most of the time. sort of the suburban girl's answer to gangsta fashion:
the halter. i like this. i've worn it. but i dont' think it's especially flattering. but still, it's an idea to consider. (that girl has a great haircut)
and of course they add a nice little flava flave tied onto your bag. but i love this idea, framed hermes scarves as art.
so, how do you do your hermes?
this just in, from reader 'ashley' : tie the twilly version around your wrist. i LOVE this idea. and it's a little less of an investment.


Unknown said…
Love my Hermes scarves. They get softer over time. Take them to a good cleaner and make sure they do not iron out the hand rolled and stitched edge. In winter I wear them around my neck in summer I tie them to the strap of my purse.
So very french, so chic!!
Oh, how I love my 'er-mez' scarves...I'm particularly fond of the scarf-as-belt these days, with the do-rag a second fave-although I'm always afraid that they make my head look smaller than normal. Ol' Smallhead Sutton.

Anyway, you can't beat the timeless-ness of these classic scarves. I think they are the epitome of good taste.
Decorno said…
I love the idea of this venerable company producing silk finery that you turn into a do-rag. Way to work it Snoop... I mean, Megan. :)

Did you see the Vanity Fair article in this month's issue? All about Hermes. Really good article.

I don't have scarves. I am not a scarf girl. However, I do covet their blankets. And I wouldn't turn down a Birkin, either.
I have tried to do this so many times and I am just not skilled at making these stay on my head. But, love to see other with them...I just need an expert to teach me! Great post Megan :)

Anonymous said…
I'm a huge fan of the Hermes "twilly" scarves ... They are long and thin, and are easily tied at the nape of the neck as a headband, or around a wrist like a bracelet.

You can see one here:

When I wear the larger / full-sized scarves, I love to accordion fold them and tie them around my waist as a belt!
Mrs. Blandings said…
This is just the kind of "old lady" chic I'm in to. I'm a 70 year old woman living in a - well, younger, body. I like to tie one corner around my belt - it's my little riff on the Fred Astaire hanky in the pant pocket thing.
Anonymous said…
Clare will love this post, I'll have to show it to her, thanks, it's great!
beachbungalow8 said…
i love the idea of the belt too.

do you think the triangle over the back will ever make a come back?? i'll do the triangle in the front and then bring the tails back and around to tie in front--when i'm in snowy type weather.

the small twilly sounds tres chic as a wrist band. (cutter chic) sort of rock 'n rolly which i'm always game for.

you have to be having a good ego day to pull of the do-rag. it's quite a statement. it's a total, in your face, "f-you i'm cool and hot" sort of statement. which i'm quite fond of.
Style Court said…
Great post Megan :)

The new graphic design looks lovely by the way -- LOVE that 8 motif!
Such a great post, I will follow the picture and see if I can get it to stay on my head!
Unknown said…
First thanks SO much for submitting your wonderful blog to Delightfulblogs. I think all the gals who use the directory to discover new blogs to bookmark will enjoy finding yours!
As for the scarves I'm a big fan of wrapping it around my purse strap so I can quickly use it for a shawl or rain/sun (considering I live in LA where it seems to never, ever rain this last year) scarf.

beachbungalow8 said…
yay!!!!! thank you lynda! i feel so honored!
cotedetexas said…
Hahaha - your honored? How much did you pay her? I paid her the extra money to get on really quick and get all the xtraz, whoop ti do.

ok, i'm out of it. No Hermes scarf. BUT I do have the Gucci leather purse from last season that has a Gucci scarf tied in the grommets. Does that count? I just wear a cotton bandana in my hair when I need to keep it straight for an occasion.

beachbungalow8 said…

you had to pay?

no, your super cool purse does NOT count. but can i borrow it?
cotedetexas said…
Yeah - you didn't have to pay?

and sure you can borrow it! It's gorgeous. if I may so myself, except it is uber heavy.

Anonymous said…
My step-dad has a thing for Hermes ties. I used to take them and wrap them around my wrists as makeshift bracelets. He didn't like that too much!

Suzan Fellman has a thing for turning great scarves into pillows. No Hermes, but she just did a new batch of Dior and Chanel.

My favorite is Alison Brod's PR office. In fact, I am in the midst of remodeling my own little office and hers is definiely one of my inspirations! It is gorgeous. She has framed Pucci scarves in her office from her personal collection and uses their design on her site.
katiedid said…
Alas, I do not have a Hermes, but it looks like I really should start looking for one or more. I am thinking I might rather have the blanket. A whole body tie.
Anonymous said…
I love the do-rag option for bad hair day...been trying to find the correct way to tie it...thanks!
Unknown said…
Are you kidding me? You have a collection of Hermes scarves?


I think I love this blog.
Dorian Fletcher said…
This post made me laugh out loud! Not the Hermes scarf part - the "do-rag" part! The women in my family have been using that term for as long as I can remember (I'm 59) - and using the do-rags as the cure for a bad hair day. Oh...and we're partial to big sunglasses with the do-rags to hide the fact that we didn't put on any make-up! Thanks for prompting a wonderfully funny memory.
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks gillian! and dorian, i'm all about hiding behind giant shades.

that blanket, is kick-ass. i agree. i would love to own one of those. truly, wrapping yourself in the hermes love.
Wow! You are a very lucky girl to have a collection like this...I on the other hand collect their gorgeous brochures every year when I'm in Las Vegas. I drool in the shop!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for adding my "twilly" idea to your post!


Unknown said…
Love this post.I'm a Hermes virgin, but hope to rectify that soon. I want one with lots of orange.

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