honey bee jewelry

look how cute. really, how cute are these? cute as a bees knees cute. i hope that term doesn't offend. but they're cute. right? here look again, up close:
diminutive, charming and beautifully sculped. from honeybee on etsy. artist amy moore creates these little beauties from p.m.c. don't know what that is? Precious Metal Clay. it's so cool. clay, that when put into high heat, burns away to reveal a piece of precious metal. so you can mold it to your liking or imprint it with a texture. i tried it once
and never came away anything like this. but these got me really inspired! or maybe i'll just buy one from her. honeybee on etsy


madelyn said…
I LOVE the expression "bees knees"

you can just SEE those skinny little legs
in the stripey stockings...

and I adore the jewellery - is it yours?

very organic-oceanic - i "heart" it!
Anonymous said…
Really delicate looking, so sweet. I'll check out the site. Thanks Megan. :)
beachbungalow8 said…
not mine maddie, it's amy moore's i wish i had thought of this. it's crazy adorable. me hearts it too.
Briana Arlene said…
Hi! I came across your blog this morning and just noticed that we posted about the same designer last week (http://briana-arlene.blogspot.com/2007/08/etsy-find-of-day-honeybee-by-amy-moore.html). I love your blog and am adding it to my favorites, if that's okay.

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