face lift

i was looking through my jpegs this evening, trying to clean house a bit, and i found the original, realtor's photo of my bedroom. this gives you an idea of what a little face lift can do to entirely change the look of a room:
before (sorry-bad shot from a flier):
and after:
i just had wood planks applied to the walls. installation of "new" old (salvaged) windows and door (that i salvaged from a house i had in boston). instant face lift and mood changer.
took one week and one hot, guy. easy-peasy.


Style Court said…
I've said it before but you did an amazing job!
MB said…
this is pretty much genius. i heart you.
Decorno said…
Are you f-ing serious??? You did that? It's really amazing. Seriously.

Ok, I need you to come to Seattle and fix my old ramshackle Tudor. I am in serious need of some magic like this here.

Oh, and I responded to your note on my bloggy blog here: https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=4464665780478787048&postID=5397045565522443645

It's a love fest, huh?
beachbungalow8 said…
no, I didn't do it. but the calvin klein underwear guy did it. so much better now. the other way was icky. at least to me.

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