Friday, August 3, 2007

i'd like the zebra in red sauce please.

i was trotting down the second tiered hallway at the p.d.c the other day and this stopped me in my tracks.
just complete stand still, mouth agape. arms limp to the sides. heavenly chorus queues as background fades to black, my self, illuminated with the luminous beauty that stands before me. i have always loved this wallpaper and now it sits before me. in person. reissued thank god, and it's as zany-beautiful as i've always imagined it to be. scalamandre's , zebra wallpaper—
The paper was first designed for the legendary New York City restaurant Gino's in the 1940s. like the eatery, it's still a great classic. Gino Circiello came to america and was helped with his business by franco scalamandre (scalamandre was known to help italian americans get their financial footing)
The zebra design was a creation of scalamandre's wife, flora.

Two explanations have been suggested for the choice of motif. Both are correct. "I chose it because I love to hunt," Circiello says, "and it is something that people will remember."

(this is where you can see that i just totally plagiarized. how would i know if either were 'correct'? thank god i edit myself sometimes) thank you, ward bitter, for this historical contribution.

also, it was very much of its period. zebras were hot in those days, zebras were very swish, very stylish. and in my, never humble, opinion, i still think zebras are pretty darn swish.

photos courtesy of, scalamandre and the new york times

5 comments: said...

I love this is so much fun. Apparently the original design for this paper was charming in that one of the zebras was missing a stripe from his derriere, and the new pattern has reintroduced the missing stripe. It also comes in a brillant green version which is also very chic.

beachbungalow8 said...

oh it does? i thought they fixed it. i've read about that missing stripe and that looked as though 'it's pajamas were falling down' how charming! and i saw that green one at the showroom. i think (may be wrong) that i saw it in yellow as well.

anne said...

I realize this has little (actually, nothing) to do with the wallpaper, but we know what "was known to help italian americans get their financial footing," means. Oh man. My people. Shameful. However, the wallpaper rocks, man.

style court said...

I'm a huge fan of this paper too :)

katiedid said...

Loving the paper. It's an eye catcher!

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