i'm so waisted

you're going to think i'm insane. i love a fanny pack. no seriously. i have a fanny pack, that i wear and love.
no, no, not the kind seen on matching couples at the amusement park (even though the above photo was taken at disneyland-try and ignore that, as i continue to try and convince you).
but this fabulous custom made one:
it's so excellent, i tell you. i can put keys, money, driver's license, credit cards AND my phone in it, and be out the door. no hands. hands free. the one i have was made by my friend and fabulous maker of luxe leather bags, stephenie hammitt. but i've had my eye on these gucci versions:
i must hop in here and tell you, i've seen prada's version of this. and....it's no bueno. it looks like the fanny pack 'don't' above but with the little prada logo tag slapped on. the louis vuitton version. no. it just doesn't translate like this one.
maybe it's that this gucci print has a bit of a retro feel. a bit 80s. (you know, the more i look at this one, i think it's a fake)
some of you may be reading this with eyebrow raised. but this is chic i'm telling you! it's chic and completely efficient. just don't wear it with your matching running suit.


Shawna Stobaugh said…
I must admit, yes, I have a fanny pack too. At least yours has some design elements. Mine is hot pink with Dora the explorer on it. My nephews got it for me to take them to the zoo. I had to wear it all day in front of lots of people. I don't think your crazy because it really was handy!
Alyssa Coberly said…
shut it! i have been trying to convince my very traditional loving hubby (luckily im a jcrew wearer) that i must purchase the prada fanny pack for our trip to paris next summer - fanny packers unite :0) he is so not convinced - and told me he would walk on the other side of the street :0)
beachbungalow8 said…
alyssa, check out the prada one though. it's kind of funky. looks a little like the bad kind. i like the gucci, because they're flat. my thought (not that i know) is that to make it a little cooler, it should be flat-ish.

and btw, he'll be loving the fact that he can hand you the wallet and hotel key and be sans hands.

i think a gucci one, looks preppy. no?
Mrs. Blandings said…
Ok, the thing you left out of this is that it looks good - on you. I'm struggling to think of something that would not. For me? Totally Worlds of Fun mom.
beachbungalow8 said…
it's all about owning the look!

emporer and his new clothes stuff.
Anonymous said…
I actually have the Gucci one in black (black logos on black background). I've had it for years and still use it whenever I need to be hands-free ...

Sometimes when I'm not feeling the waist thing I throw it over one shoulder and keep the pockets in the back.

It's super cute!
I have a day-glo version, circa '87 that I wear to costume parties, but these are nice. Maybe it is time for an upgrade.
LL said…
I'm not a fanny pack fan, maybe if I'm hiking it would be fine. But I do think they look very stylish when it's a gucci one, slung over the shoulder on a skinny gay asian guy with the spiky mohawk hair and tight white T-shirt.
I think the idea of a fanny pack is great, the design aestheic just fell short...but it was created in the 80's...so no wonder! I have to say your fanny pack is hip though, and the Gucci one is fab too! Great post...might just have to sport a fanny pack myself :)

beachbungalow8 said…
oh ll nice visual. i swear people, it's about owning the look! i'm laughing because i knew this would be provacative!

the over the shoulder thing, doesn't this just make it a regular bag?
LL said…
To beachbungalow8, I think you're right, it does make it just a regular bag. Maybe they could only afford the gucci fanny pack, so they have to work extra hard to make it stylin. Just a guess.
Anonymous said…
that sounds so funny to say/think. it's true! I have 2 toddlers. I need hands free & need to be chic at the same time! I am so with you on this one! I am all abt Gucci & have NEVER thought abt the fannypack! You rock!
beachbungalow8 said…
you need it melissa. i'm telling you. this is such a great accoutrement.who says you have to look frump-ola when you're a mom.

it's a slippery slope so you have to carefully navigate way through those early years of motherhood!
Jenna said…
Is this the one? http://www.sell.com/22ZKGW I really like your silver one... does she sell them? I went to her website and didn't see FANNY PACKS .... does she do them on the DL??
P.S. The biggest problem I have with them is the word "Fanny"... I mean, can it get any worse than that??? Well, unless your name is Fanny... then I guess, well --- that's worse : /
beachbungalow8 said…
yep that's the one. what is that site? i can't believe i hadn't heard of it.

i had her make me that silver bag. she thought i was crazy. but i so love it.

and ya, "fanny"? maybe "toukas tote". 'fanny' is like the word 'bosom'. (now i sound like beavis and butthead.)
Joanna Goddard said…
that is hilarious. good for you! :)

ps. i'm rooting for you in the domino contest, your room is gorgeous! xo
blonde said…
I have the Gucci one. Absolutely love it. I wear it as a fanny pack, and then as I discovered in high school, you can sling it over a shoulder/around your body.

We weren't allowed to carry backpacks at my all girls school (they thought we'd have back problems) so we carried our pens and essential stuff around in north face fanny packs worn across our bodies as purses, with the actual pack on our back.

I still use my north face one when I go to my University's football and basketball games. Love not having to worry about having one too many drinks and leaving my purse somewhere. :)

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