Thursday, August 2, 2007

in that chinoiserie state of mind

give me a chinese chippendale any day, any way. high gloss red, apple green, silver, gold, natural, dark light...i love them all. and i was just perusing, scalamandre's site (for that incredible zebra patterned wallpaper-which i couldn't find) and thought i'd share these wallpapers which i think are the chinese chippendales of the wallpaper world.
these are so old school, 'powder room' /'dressing room' ish to me. love them.
graphic, classic and always modern. scalamandre's baldwin bamboo collection.

3 comments: said...

Let us know if you find the zebra patterned wallpaper. I would love to use it on a job. I also have a fixation with chinoiserie alway have and i am glad it is back in vogue.

The Peak of Chic said...

This is one of my all time favorite wallpapers. I believe it was designed by Billy Baldwin.

Fairfax said...

You will want to kill yourself when applying this wallpaper. I just helped a friend do this and the drop is so huge (27") and all of the bamboo pieces look alike, but aren't. Good thing she's my best friend or i would have had to kill her. But it is lovely paper.

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