lunch lady

i'm starting to get a little melancholy that summer is coming to an end.
soon i'll be making sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cut diagonally, not cross-wise. no jelly on this one, only turkey on that. trying to push my favorite of "chips shoved into the sandwich for added texture", nobody buying the delicacy of this notion. sigh.
with summer over, it's time to get back to ordinary life. but since when does it have to be mundane? i'm loving these baggies from mobi.
for once, this might ix-nay the "other-people's-sandwiches-look-better-than-mine" phenom.
and as far as summer being over.....thankfully, when you live by the beach...not so much. every day is 72 and sunny (so not trying to rub that in. just relishing my good fortune around geography)
thank you flickr member laurahoward for that pb&j photo.


Anonymous said…
It's all in the packaging.......repeat after me....!
Those swish plastic bags - would coax any kid to devour their lunch - fab find!

Oh, yes, the Joy-O-A-ChipOnYourSandwich.....always a stealth maneuver as a kid....a swerve left from acceptable table manners!
Thanks for the flashback......
Cheers, Alison

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