Moleskine (mol-a-skeen-a)

1) they’re not made from the skin of or, by moles

2) it’s pronounced “Mol-a-skeen-a”

some of you are very familiar with these blank books. just about every creative director, art director, illustrator, designer and artist, that i know, has a collection of these well loved pocket sized books. Moleskine is the legendary notebook used by european artists, and thinkers for the past two centuries, from van gogh to picasso, from ernest hemingway to bruce chatwin. get the point.
originally produced by small french bookbinders who supplied the parisian stationery shops frequented by the international avant-garde, by 1986 the last of these bookbinders quit making the black book. then, in 1998, a milanese company started to reproduce the book bringing it back into popularity. since then, several websites celebrating the moleskine have cropped up.
generally the books become beautifully illustrated journals kept when one travels, or for everyday musings.
these images from artist sara midda's 'south of france'
and just before you start whining to me that you 'can't draw' it. i'm not asking you to create one of these (unless you can, and then by all means and send me photos). i think this is a great way to create an , 'on the go', inspiration catalog.
moleskines are the perfect size for a bag, they're ideal for making a quick note next to a photo you've clipped from a magazine and they give you the air of looking like a international-artsy-know-it all, without having to wear a little beret.
to buy, check urban outfitters or barnes and noble. they run about $12.00 doll hairs.


cotedetexas said…
Hahahaha! I won't WHINE about not drawing well, ok? And I prefer to wear berets, ok?

Too funny! loveing it.

Style Court said…
Megan, I love this. I take it that's your collage shown here?
beachbungalow8 said…
I feel like a total heel I forgot to credit that beautiful artist for her moleskin art. I will get it and give her due credit.

Cote-I love a beret (sang to the tune of, " I love a parade") I have one by I golfina del nona that my kids wear and it' a off the hook cute.
Unknown said…
I always have one of these in my bag, amidst all the other goop. Mine's not quite so lovely, usually full of to do's and groceries but I love it and someday, maybe my lists will be inspirational.
I never leave home without mine. Glad to know I have been pronouncing wrong!
Anonymous said…
We love these, it's great you wrote about them.
Style Court said…
No, I wasn't being sarcastic! I really thought it was yours!
beachbungalow8 said…
court-oh no! i know. i just don't like to think that i used someone's work without given them credit! little oversight on my part, done late at if i can figure out who i lifted those from
beachbungalow8 said…
langburns(ally)- i have hand-me-down fur, that in the pocket has a list, some spiritual thoughts and a grocery receipt.

the receipt is dated 1983. i keep them in that pocket and am reminded of the person from whom it was given, whenever i look at those slips of paper. so,yes, lists and receipts can be really inspirational!
Anonymous said…
BB8, You hit it!
Moleskines, a favorite lil sumpthin here, too!

Infinitely more fun to dabble/listmake/drawdream when in a classic little ol black book, yes?

That collage has a Tracy Porter-esqueness about it....
Unknown said…
My Moleskin is my most trusty friend..goes everywhere with me.
But it is not as neat and beautiful inside as the ones you have shown. More like a scratch on the run. Great Post.
Decorno said…
Ok, I am going to be the big wet blanket here, but these are too tiny for me and I don't like non-spiral notebooks because they don't stay open. I am obsessed with Canson books (the square 6 x 6 ones that you get at Utrecht art supply. I buy them in bulk.

I always have a massive handbag, so I guess I don't need the tiny Moleskines. I like the *idea of the M's believe me, but I need something bigger. Maybe it's because I write big and wild like a sociopath.
beachbungalow8 said…
no wet blanket. it's subjective. truly. and i assume that you have an amazing 'massive bag" collection that's enviable. so whatever works.

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