the monogram, to do or not to do/preppy tagging

many, many years ago my friend lisa, had a sweater with her monogram "LSD" embroidered squarely on the chest. we loved it. so naughty in all its scrolliness.
i always had it safe because i didn't have vowels in my name. thus, avoidance of spelling anything unsavory. (like, you didn't want to be Anne Stafford Singleton)
the thing is, i still love a monogram. not so much on my clothes, but i love the humorous, almost, uptight feel of it on a pillow --in a bedroom perhaps.
and i think that it can be really glam in a subdued way as well (as seen in this shot of designer, vanessa devargas' bedroom)
i even like it on my l.l. bean bags. in fact, i own many of these.
but how about on food? what. don't you always take the time to dust your guests buns with black stuff (what could that possibly be?) in the shape of their monogram?
maybe a bit much (don't those look like little shoes? and what IS that green stuff-wheat grass?). i could handle some paper goods though. these are sort of fun:
i think the whole key here is not to take it too seriously (actually isn't that the key to everything?)


Cait said…
My initials are CMU, so when done as a traditional monogram, they become CUM, you can imagine the embarassment in 6th grade when the coolest boy in the class noticed my monogrammed LL Bean backpack... and the whole class learned the meaning of the word...
I'll be traumatized forever.
beachbungalow8 said…
cait i'm not sure whether to be more upset that 6 graders know this word -as i have a 4th grader. or to feel your pain.

i will be changing my last name in the near future. and for once will have a vowel. my new monogram will read mAm. which is either very polite or slightly medical.
I am a sucker for monogramming...and I didn't grow up in a house with a bunch of monogrammed items, so I don't know where it comes from. But, I esp like the pink monogrammed pillow cases in image #1...not sure if I could sleep above a marlin though :)

Style Court said…

Absolutely to the "not too seriously" point. Great post! Love the range you found.
As a reformed personalize-everything-you-can-order-from-a-catalog addict, I fear a relapse after reading your post.
Unknown said…
I love the monogram resurgence!!
My mother taught me to embroider monograms on of all things tea towels when I was 6 years old. Today you would wonder about the logic of that since everything is machine done.
Marissa said…
im loving monogrammed pillow cases right now. also, tea towels. leontine linens has some really cute ones. great gift idea i think.
beachbungalow8 said…
i think the discipline of teaching kids to embroider is one that needs to be brought back. my kids have the attention span of one 'that's so raven' and even then, they're bouncing off the china seas upholstery.
Mrs. Blandings said…
I do love a monogram. I also like a house number (, say an 8) on those cups and napkins. Or a house name, if you happen to run with that type of crowd.

btw - best wishes on your new vowel.
Unknown said…
Yes to monograms, the girls are growing up with initials on bloomers, dresses, hats, Bean bags; at two they could identify which bloomers had the M or the K. Their impending genius courtesy of my grandmother her love of a good monogram.
beachbungalow8 said…
kc, awesome idea. the number. i love it! i used to, tongue in cheek, call my house in sf, 'the pink palace'. i made some stationary with a pink silohouette of the house.

thanks for the wishes!

langburns (ally) i knew you'd be on this band wagon. no brainer. i monogram everything the girls will let me. each has their giant green or pink bean tote with their monogram. and of course customized beach towels.
Turquoise said…
I hate to admit this but initials are actually VLSD- I am not kidding!
beachbungalow8 said…
that's a whole lotta names you've got there vanessa! i'd love to know what your full name is.
Lindsey said…
I'm a sucker for a monogram too. I just had my towels done for my bathroom and I am really cotemplating doing my linens.
Jenna said…
Hmm... you getting married soon?? I just married MBD (My Baby Daddy) who is now my husband, which somehow doesn't have the same ring... if ya know what I mean. Anywho--- I hyphenated my maiden and MBD's name ... and now my rockstar signature, doesn't quite have the same "flair" as it used to.
I love monograms, but not so sure how it would work... my initials are : J J W-R.
When our son was born, I INSISTED on engraving a silver Tiffany's baby cup with his initials.. T D R, which are nice in this order, HOWEVER... in the traditional order... not so much --- TRD, so now his baby sounds like "turd". UGH! I just file it under "New Mommy Faux Pas" : /
beachbungalow8 said…
i have those tiffany's baby cups!

i know what you mean, you totally have to consider the monogram when you name a child.

well if you line it up, times/serif font.instead of the scrolly diamond, you can put it in a row. it's only when you do that big middle letter that you put the last initial in the middle. make sense? and it's more masculine that way--all lined up that is.

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