nama rococo's rockin the walls

symphonically rockin the walls.
rockin the walls in an lsd trip meets victorian flocking sort of way.
sort of what i picture on west village walls of bohemian apartments circa 1973.
if vivian westwood were going to be a wallpaper? she'd be one of these.
i love this renewed popularity of wall coverings. especially because it's bringing about a new crop of print makers. i think it also is probably inspiring many would-be graphic designers to try this medium, once reserved for stuffy old homes and ladies' powder rooms. i love that nama rococo 'gets' that not everyone can make the commitment to totally wrap their walls in 'art', so they offer single sheets to be framed. brilliant! brilliant! you can check out this group of artists, their studio, methods and other works here.


A few years ago I was on a mission to rid my house of all wallpaper...and now it is back again! I did not succeed in my mission, so I still have a few wallpapered walls (mainly in bathrooms)...they are ready for something new, so I will check out the new prints available!
beachbungalow8 said…
there is so much amazing talent in wallpaper these days. check walnut here in l.a. and twenty2 is one of my faves. oh as is cole and sons.
Textile Decor said…
I love black and white one. It seems that black and white is a new hit now.I've designed a black and white collection of decorative pillows a year and a half ago with filling that it would be in fashion for home decor soon.

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