never buy cheap sunscreen

this is a public service announcement.
being, thrifty (aka cheap) the other day, i ducked into the 'dollar tree'. i decided to scoop up an arm load of baby sun block (15+). being fair skinned, i'm always in need of such goop, that and my days of tanorexia are long gone (it's true, leathery skin happens when you pour baby oil on your skin while lying on foil)
saturday, there i sat, watching the good times and waves roll by.assuming i was protected by that mighty california sun. (heck i could stay out there 15 times as long with this sort of protection)
unwittingly i was being FRIED to a crisp.
looks like my days of beef jerky chest, are closer than i thought.


I completely, and whole-heartedly concur as I recently gave my kids a lovely shade of brick-red skin after using that 'No-Ad' goo. 'No-BAD' if you ask me.

Pays to use spenny sunscreen.
beachbungalow8 said…
god does it ever. aloe slathering all weekend. and the girls got it too. i feel worse about that!

i've contributed to that all your sun damage is done before high school theory.
Oooo you poor thing! I feel for you, I am terribly fair and have 2nd degree burned my shoulders to a crisp a few times from bad sunscreen and bad observation on my part. Good public service announcement though! Feel better :)

Unknown said…
Ouch...the best kind to get has zinc in it, the stuff that goes on white to start with. More expensive but worth it.

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