Wednesday, August 1, 2007

new obsession: michaelian & kohlberg carpets

while doing a quick sprint through the P.D.C. (pacific design center) yesterday, i popped into michaelian & kohlberg carpets. i've got to share with you their breathtaking carpets from the 'caspian' collection. truly, to die for. handmade in china, a low pile wool face, natural dyes, hand spun wool--these are glorious. check this one out. this makes me bite my knuckle with sheer desire...... and this one? hello dahling. i want this. and this one.....yowza. are these not amazing? and btw, the showroom gentleman, are so gracious, knowledgeable and helpful (i had children in tow and they were happily doling out chocolates and water--sort of rare in a non-child friendly environment) if you guys are reading this, thank you ! michaelian&kohlberg T-310-360-8400


robyn said...

Really lovely muted colors...

Cote de Texas said...

Loving these! Especially the aqua one. What a great rug in an all white beach house with blue accents. Yes!


beachbungalow8 said...

joni, GREAT idea! i love it! you may have just re-vived an old love for light colored floors.

frances said...

i love the last one! i am going to stop by there tomorrow!

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