nice socks

this is my ex-doorneighbor, katie.
we went to grade school together. i remember that she had a stuffed lobster in lieu of a teddy bear and that she loved anything overly preppy. she also taught me how to make rice-crispy treats in the microwave. her brother, earl, taught me tennis.
and i'm pretty sure all of you know her.
or perhaps you own one of her beautiful purses.
look again. (if you're reading this, my apologies was just too easy!) god forbid if anyone pulls pictures of me from this era.


katiedid said…
Dang! That uniform looks familiar! Where did you go to school?!?
cotedetexas said…
Hahahha! You lived next door to her? Where? I mean what city. And I can just imagine you are as beautiful then as now, no doubt! This is so funny!!!

Anonymous said…
Not knowing where you were from (until after reading this post) I detected a little bitta (well, ALOTTA!!) mid-western charm! !
KC, eh??
Fab post.....again!
From another mid-westerner.....Cheers, Alison
Lyn said… way! thanks for sharing this bit of early history on the...Kate (now) Spade. love the stuffed lobster comment...looks like it served as perfect inspiration for her line. ;)
Mrs. Blandings said…
of course I knew right away - she still looks pretty fab - hope the pay-back doesn't sting.
beachbungalow8 said…
ok, i need to clarify, she wasn't my NEXT door neighbor, just a neighbor. i just like that term. but it was mis-leading.

we went to a small private school in kansas city (those of you who guessed you were right!) those uniforms were searsucker with monogrammed, peter pan collars.

when we were in college the really cool thing about katie was that she was dating a guy who was the brother of 'david' spade. we were very impressed by this.

and so i'm not hanging on to the tail of her star, i will admit, i haven't seen her in years. i drove by her house (old) last weekend and it inspired this posting!

i'm really happy for and proud of her. she's a great girl.
Anonymous said…
Cute post Megan!
Anonymous said…
I love it!! What a great story.
beachbungalow8 said…
cote de texas, aka, joni, aka, 'is that you mom'? you're always too nice to me.

wait until you see what i looked like circa 1978. NOT cute. melissa gilbert as laura ingalls wilder, not that she was not cute....but you know.
Style Court said…
made me smile -- a really big smile :)

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