one more little peek for your palette

ok, many emails asking me what's in the, "gospel according to domino", this month. so one more glance. and then you have to wait! you'll be much happier if you dont' peek.
so here: it's a whole section on custom, old school writing paper. beautiful examples like the one above and a slew of monogrammed ones as well (which i adore) and i love this photo. not that i think i'm cool (well, i wouldn't really admit it if i did)
but i, too, like to use a silver toast holder for my mail! and who doesn't love a peony hovering over some yummy perfumes sitting on a silver cocktail tray.
to this i hold my fingers in a bunch, bring them to my lips and go mwah! great photo styling!
ok, peekers, go forth in peace.


Whoever styled this did a fantastic job!
cotedetexas said…
gosh, I picked up the new Domino on the stands early last week. No one else has the issue yet???? btw, I was totally disappointed in the issue. Everyone will probably disagree with me, but I thought it was weak. Now, the new Southern Accents is ab fab.

beachbungalow8 said…
ya, i saw it at von's (our local piggly wiggly) last week too. so hard no to look!

i wouldn't say this was saturated with greatness --as some are. but i love hartig's style. so whacky and self assured. loved that spread. and i love this spread, on the writing papers. i have a weakness for ephemera though.
Anonymous said…
Great introduction, I love his place too but especially love partners place. Great photographs.
Anonymous said…
Lurv the new masthead! You picked some of my favorite BB8 pix and made a slammin' composition.
Anonymous said…
OOps, posted this comment on the wrong post.
Sorry megan.

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