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photo lifted from the papa d'anjo catalog (pretty much one of the most beautiful children's catlaogs out there)


Anonymous said…
love papa d'anjo, the quality is wonderful as well as the styling. just yesterday, my daughter appeared in a papa d'anjo ensemble looking tres chic!
love that photo of the 3 girlfriends on the boardwalk!
beachbungalow8 said…
oh it's SO beautiful. all of that liberty of london stuff? puleeze. it's off the hook.
Love the photo. I haven't seen your new header until today. Looks fab.
Anonymous said…
have a great weekend Megan, love the photo & new banner. Perfect!
Vermont Woman said…
Love it....reminds me of our little get away on Fire Island where we are spending the weeknd!
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks everyone! my friend elizabeth did the header. she's very good. wanderlust, i love fire island. you're so lucky to have that spot!

rob, this reminded me of your girls!
love the photo! it reminds me of me and my sisters as young girls!
beachbungalow8 said…
oh sweet. it totally reminds me of sisters. i've been looking forward to using this cute photo. has a nice indian summer feel too.
Unknown said…
Great. Now I am off to check out the catalog. I must find this catalog.
(My two daughters will freak.)
Anonymous said…
Timeless. FO-sure.

I asked my chickies (age 7 & 10) what they think the 3-pak in this pic are talking about:
(12 yr old son had no comment-but he couldn't reisist a peek......!)
"They don't want summer to end"
"A nightplan for catching fireflies"
"Looking for seaglass"

I got a vicarious thrill.
Ooooo, the suh-WEET summer stateofmind.........
Yeah, Pd'A can't do a thing wrong - and that catalog layout/photography .........siiiiiiiigh.
Not to mention the threads. Sigh again.
I love the colors in this picture. Lovely link. Thank you.
beachbungalow8 said…
allison, your kids sound much more poetic and thoughtful than my own. i would bet that if i asked my 9 year old, she'd say, 'they're talking about which webkins they have"

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