peter harper

being the youngest of five, talented siblings, i know what it's like to be in somebody else's shadow.
imagine what it would be like if you were, say, the younger sibling of a grammy award winning hotty singer (ben harper)? i mean, your talent and looks rival his but, by the nature of his career choice, he gets more ink.
peter harper creates beautiful, spiritual art. working in clay, wax and bronze, using techniques dating back to the ancient Egyptians, he cuts, scrapes, heats and polishes until each sculpture is revealed and its story told. some of my favorites are these groovy belt buckles (i'm a sucker for a big brass buckle--and the back story is terrific here)
Peter's collectors include meg ryan, laura dern, courtney and david Arquette. Peter's work can be seen at
or you can see peter and peter's work in person at the rico garcia fine art-opening september 22nd 7-10 p.m.-1599 superior avenue, costa mesa, ca
i would like to sincerely thank the woman (ellen chase-verdries) who brought these men into the world. not only did she raise some good boys (there's another son, 'joel') but she is the daughter of the claremont folk music center founders. with the help of her son, ben, the folk center continues to be a venue for folk singers and musicians. the apple never falls far from the tree.


cotedetexas said…
For some reason, this made me think of Jakob Dylan, what a shadow!! btw, loving your new header, gorgeous!!
Anonymous said…
Great post Megan, loved it!
Anonymous said…
What a great find!
beachbungalow8 said…
anon. you're right. let me think about rephrasing or retracting. i was in a similar boat a few years ago. i stick with the sistahs on this one.

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