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i was always sort of amazed that the victorian genre reared it's grandmotherly head back into the designosphere.-with flocked wallpapers , drippy black chandeliers and snoods (no, not really) becoming all cool and chic again.
but you know, whatever, you gotta mix it up, to keep it fresh.
one of the winner relics from this slowly fading fad, is the rediscovery of silhouette art. like the monogram it's a classic element that can be very personal and sentimental. it's graphic and strong while being subtle and staid.
the trouble is, unless you're lucky enough to unearth one at an estate sale, you're hard pressed to find an artist skilled in this rare art form.
karl johnson. is a master at cutting and his website has beautiful examples of his abilities. johnson takes custom orders based on photos you send to him. and if you live in the l.a. area, you can hire him to come to your parties!
(much cooler than that balloon guy your hired last time)
johnson not only creates personalized silhouettes but creates these gorgeoso animal pieces.
i love the way a few look in a room (this shot from turquoise in venice)
and i think they look so beautiful in a nursery or a child's room too. the simplicity of the graphic nature makes the silhouette really timeless, classic and modern.
and if the pictures aren't enough of an endorsement, check out this satisfied customer, he had one of johnson's works inked into his skin. now that's commitment.
oh and *bonus*, they're very reasonably priced. by ken johnson. check it.


Cutarts said…
Thanks for the great post on Karl's artwork! We really appreciate it!

Lauren & Karl Johnson
Unknown said…
Karl's work is great...I want him at my next party. Forget about the kids parties, us adults need some fun too.
I have a Victorian era phobia. Something about Queen Anne turrets and black satin, bustled dresses feels sinister to me. But this artwork is great! I second Patricia's idea.
beachbungalow8 said…
ew. so do i b.a. it's so creepy to me. has always seemed, exactly, 'sinister'. what is that? it's very dark. haunted house stuff.

but these are the opposite and i think that's why they prevailed. these seem sweet and the graphic design aspect is really beautiful.
Style Court said…
He's great! Love the elephant, dog, and that shot you took at Vanessa's shop.
cotedetexas said…
Megan: did he do the last one? It's gorgeous!!! An aside, a few seasons ago on the Bachelor, (he was the handsome Borghese heir) - the "bad" girl was Erica Rose from Houston. Her father is a well known plastic surgeon, but her mother is an even more well known silhouette artist, Cindi Rose, very famous. You should see her work, she snips at the paper for a few seconds, very, very quickly and viola - it's unreal, the likeness. Her sister does them too, but for some reason Cindi is more famous for them. Great post.

beachbungalow8 said…
he did all of them. who was erica? i of course, tivo the batch. it's so cringe inducing, it makes me feel as though i actually make good choices in life.
Anonymous said…
there's another graphic designer gal that does these her little co is called
super cute stuff. check her out. I bought some notepads but she does cards, needlepoint & school notes for parents where you just check boxes...loads of great stuff. Enjoy.

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