pulling my chair out

i've been coveting this chair in my inspiration book. i so want to use this in someone's home. my own home looks like a furniture sales floor right now. so that's a no go. maybe i'll just share it with you:
gorge. no? and it comes in white. white i tell you!
imagine this in lacquered white, with a black cotton twill, piped in white.
or possibly, a kicky yellow
or pool blue.
maybe you're urban-cool enough to get away with bringing back the country club, ladies golf lounge and do it up in a lively lily print
(this look would only work regionally. as in, don't try this if you're in the central to southern, part of the nation--no one would see the humor)
or for a kid's room these safari prints:
no matter how you slice it, paint it or upholster it, the lines are so great you can make it your own. it's a fantastic little number to add to your repertoire. thinks me. barrel chair is from the laura kirar collection. for McGuire.


Style Court said…
This is all just too much! LOVE it. Can so see you using for a client.
I have also been admiring this McGuire chair.
I love that chair and also yellow fabric.

P.S. Thank you so much for your post about my store. That is great support.
Vermont Woman said…
love it....love it...love it...and picked it out myself a few weeks ago. i'm thinking of my robert allen fabric on it in hot pink and white .....for our beach house on fire island....
GREAT chair. Have you seen Laura Kirar's lighting collection for Baker? She is great. I heard she has a background in jewelry design, which explains the attention to beautiful shapes.
Mrs. Blandings said…
You have such a great eye - this chair is perfection in any of the configuations. One day there will be the perfect spot.
Jordan Cappella said…
Thats a really cool chair. I would love it in white with a natural linen fabric and white piping to sit in while looking at the beach and drinking a glass of wine. You took me to a great place then thanks.
beachbungalow8 said…
i love how a great piece of furniture inspires people to make it their own. what awesome ideas everyone has for this guy. it's a total classic.
Anonymous said…
Last time I was at Alie Waldman's store I she had a set of vintage chairs like that. I was drooling over them.

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