Tuesday, August 7, 2007

welcome to the doll house

this is my little bungalow by the beach. bb8 central. built in 1947 and continually added on to over the years.
(oh, i should add: this was sold to me as a 'liveable tear-down'. it's too small for folks around here where bigger is best)
here's a shot of the original owners' child in front of the house. originally, these houses were built as weekend homes for families living in los angeles.
i told you it was little. like a doll house. ( i know, i know, the roses need trimming, the guy is coming on thursday -as usual, i did no styling prior to taking this shot) i guess i could have at least moved the chair. believe me it looks a lot more "sanford and son" usually. i'm best with INteriors. what's probably best about this little house (besides we're close to a beautiful beach) is that it sits on a 'walk street'---no cars. it's just a narrow path leading to the water. i can actually tell my kids to 'go play in the street'. the house does extend back, bowling alley style, to the master at the back of the house (terrible design --but whatever. like i said, we're close to the beach. i'd probably live in a trailer just for the location):
this shot has been seen ad nauseam, i realize. but it makes for good visual fluff.
i'm going to try and get a few of my neighbors with super cute bungalows to let me shoot their homes. hopefully they'll concede and i can share them with you.


robyn said...

It looks great, did you recently paint it? love the picket fence and climbing roses, charming.

beachbungalow8 said...

i had it painted this spring actually. good memory! it was sort of a grey. which looked dirty to me so i had it painted benjamin moore's "briarwood' a great color btw.

michelle said...

Oh how cute, I so want a little summer house like that!

style court said...

Very inviting Megan!

Alicia said...

So charming! I am glad you didn't tear down for something bigger. It looks just perfect the way it is.

kcdesign said...

It looks so cozy - exactly the kind of place you would want to call "home." Lucky girls, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you didn't tear it down & build something big. Your house (and Allison's) are sooo charming. You can't replicate that with new construction. That happens out by us in the Hampton's all the time. Your house is a rare gem! Enjoy it!

Cote de Texas said...

omg, this is SO cute! Love, love, love it. I hate McMansions with a passion. And as for your bedroom, I love those walls you did. I think they are wonderful. You are too lucky, girl!


Michelle said...

I love your home!! It's been nice having time to delve into my favorite blogs lately...I would have missed this. Especially love the chair and the bike...so Californian :)

The fence in the old picture looks dangerous!! I want to pull that child away from it.


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