Friday, August 10, 2007

well hello dolly

my friend karen and i have a running laugh about weird, collectible dolls found on ebay (you know from the marie osmand collection, sold on qvc )
we generally like to just send the photo to each other without much comment. the photo says it all.
i think we all may have just been trumped:
this is an antique, german, bisque, wrestling doll- naked- save for a pair of dashing boots and mohair, wig. the only thing that might be scarier would be if it was wearing full clown makeup.


Brilliant Asylum said...

omg. I think I found my screen saver for today.

Alison said...

....full clown make-up AND marionette strings....

corine@hidden in france said...

so creepy!

I just discovered your blog via Absolutely Beautiful Things. Oodles of cool stuff! I'm adding you to my daily reads.

Shelley said...

HA! sCAREEEEEE! I enjoy your blog and style so are clever, witty and a favorite friend.

annechovie said...

Megan, this is hysterical! Made me laugh - thanks!

Anonymous said...

eeeew. finally a doll even my daughter would pass on! so creepy.

Cote de Texas said...

omg! This is so funny! What the h*** is this? The boots!!, the belly button (god, that looks realistic) - too too funny.

Thanks for sharing.


katiedid said...

I think if my daughter saw this she would have nightmares for a week! She has a thing about dolls and Chuckie.

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