what's black and white and read all over

my parents' basement was plastered in old 'new yorker' covers (still is). it was always sort of one of those, 'oh, ya my parents are weird that way" things you had to explain to your friends. while i'm not admitting they may have been "right" about something, i am thinking they might have been "on" to something. this shot is a bit small. but look how great a mundane piece of paper can look en masse as wallcovering.
i love the graphic read it gives this powder room. this especially works with that hexagonal black and white tile that repeats the design element.
and of course, if you're going to get this peppery with the b&w, throw a little powder room pink punch in there for the ultimate girly girl touch. an upholstered tufted, pink (no less) door!
sheesh. are those buttons gold? you're killing me. la vie en rose.... je pense que je t'adore! another vision in pink print. this makes me think that the pages were put onto a color copier, and adjusted to give that pink hue.
which leads me to this idea: wouldn't it be fun and funny to find vintage books on, say, etiquitte or a social register from your town and plaster the walls of your w.c. with it?
you could color tint some of the pages (on a color copier) and alternate creating a checker board feel to the overall read.
i think you might lose a guest for several hours in there, but it would be a fun idea!


Style Court said…
That powder room is a great find. Never seen it before. Such a fun door.
Anonymous said…
Clever girl, I love these ideas!
katiedid said…
I saw that powder room recently! We were trying to think if we could use the door in a theater bathroom we are designing. Figured it probably wouldn't pass health inspection. drat!
beachbungalow8 said…
ooh. that would be cool in a theater. so reminiscent of a theater seat.

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