you can totally make this!

haven't done a diy posting lately and was inspired by apartment therapy ny's recent posting about this cute chair:
a few years ago, in need of 'goody bags' for a child's birthday party, i bought some little galvanized buckets and decoupaged them in color copied images from this book in the middle:
now, granted, this particular example has been left out in the yard and has weathered a few bouts with the sprinklers, but it was so easy and cost efficient to create.
my only thought would be if i were to do this again, i would not create a template (which is how i did this, a crescent shape that i wrapped around the pail) i would probably, cut each one and actually patch it together, glueing one at a time. a bit more time consuming. but you can see the difference (check out how the chair is done and then my little sad bucket)


jen j-m said…
you should check out my friend pixiegenne's decoupaged stuff. she is the queen of pails and suitcases with sweet vintage book illustrations!
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks jen i will absolutely check it out. i shouldn't have posted that shot of my lame craftsman ship. but whatevs. i'm not always neat and tidy.
Mrs. Blandings said…
this pail is far from sad - darling, and appears to be part of the family. The diy chair is a fab idea.
Lyn said…
thanks for sharing. i've seen the pails around but never furniture. love the idea.
Anonymous said…
BB8, SoSo resourceful you are!
And a fun-fun Mum!!

Oh, THAT fab book!
A while back I zipped you an em re: barkcloth...."lost classics, breathtaking blooms, just knock and ask for fun....blahblahblah...."

Long story short: My coveted StashO-Barkcloth consists of the cast-offs/one-offs from dear 'Chell Mancini, co-authoress of the book you used.
I was the lucky-duck recipient of her trove when she sold her textile biz.

Nothing short of amazing it 'tis.....Unfathomable mix: Like one big Miami Beach postcard, other bolts you swear the print was from someone's brothers pjs circa 1952, other yardage would be perfectly keen in the family Lodge UpNorth, yet another print paying homage to the Jetson's Cosmic pad (think Sputnik and Martinis!)....
This fab never tries too hard, it patinas/ages beautifully and tells a story.
It's just plain fabulous. Voluptuous, oozing sophistication and capriciousness all at once!!
In my humble opinion barkcloth ranks as a classic icon like Raybans or Nantucket Basket handbags...
Tell me to stop now......Cheers, Alison

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