decal-iscious-totally make it

great new decal pieces from urban.
big corporate, art department worker bees have long been known (sometimes not so well received) to scour shops, the internet etc for the next great 'novel' idea to call there own.
someone at U.O. has clearly been checking out 'ikeahacker' and knocking off this great approach to tricking out a basic ikea piece.
the nice thing is they can have them made en masse, over seas, passing the savings along to us. the side table goes for $29.00
and 2 chairs for $139.00
i'm still all about 'you can totally make this' . and if i were to make it, i think i'd use pictures taken at the beach layered atop a faux bois contact paper. you know, sort of like, you came in and just threw them down on the table.


I think you're right...very DIY for those crafty folks, otherwise the prices are bad either. Great post!

Anonymous said…
i had my eye on these too..

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